Diploma Of Interior Design & Decoration

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Start your career as an interior designer with this hands-on interior design course that will give you greater design awareness and skills, and help you establish your own unique design style! Learn about building theory, problem-solving design, presentation sketches, construction technology and working drawings. Become familiar with drafting and building practices relating to residential, industrial and commercial buildings. As a graduate you will be able to analyse problems and visualise concepts, and prepare the output of digital presentation boards and designs.

This unique Interior Design and Decoration course gives you greater design awareness and the skills to develop your individual style.

Explore decoration, colour theory, problem-solving design, presentation approaches and construction drawings. Learn decoration and design practices from industry professionals working across both residential and commercial projects. Upon completion of the Diploma of Interior Design and Decoration, you will be able to analyse interior decorating and spatial challenges to visualise, present and document design solutions. Assessments include boutique hotel decoration, styling schemes for multifunctional residential interiors, kitchen joinery design, and design of an innovative physical environment for an online brand.


  • Interior design and decoration consulting
  • Architectural illustrator
  • Kitchen joinery designer
  • Furniture and soft furnishing sales
  • Editor/writer for design magazines and blogs
  • CADD Operator