Career in Hospitality

27 Aug Career in Hospitality

Do you have experience in the hospitality industry but no certification that proves your abilities and talent? Are your career prospects limited by your lack of education? Are you struggling to get a good job in the hospitality industry in Sydney because you simply don’t have a qualification?


Sydney, Australia is one of the top spots to start a career in hospitality. According to the world’s number one job search site there are more than 1,000 good paying hospitality positions open in Sydney today. Australia’s top job search site shows that there are more than 4,800 hospitality positions open in Sydney. The positions range from entry level to upper management. They all require documentation of training in the hospitality industry.

Check out these links: Indeed & Seek

All you need is the training to score your first professional job and begin a hospitality career that could make you famous as a first class chef or even start you on the road to owning your own chain of hotels or restaurants.

This is where Qualify Me!! comes in. We can provide you with a diploma of hospitality that opens the door to a career as a manager and chef. We provide you with the opportunity to study, work, live in Australia while you gain the knowledge and experience you need to make your career and lifestyle blossom. We arrange help with the financing of your training through the VET fee help program.

Our course of study takes into account all the experience that you have gained in your past employment. You may receive credit for work experience that allows you to receive credit for some of our courses.

Our course of study can get you ready for a real hospitality career in as little as a year and three months.

We train you in every aspect of the hospitality business. You can learn the basics of cooking and the fine arts of presentation and cuisine that chefs are famous for. We provide a complete curriculum of study that allows you to learn how to manage an operation, how to stay complaint with food care and staff regulations, inventory and operational control, and how to market your restaurant to produce the maximum interest and income.

We have prepared our hospitality course of study with the input of successful professionals that have achieved a high degree of professional accomplishment in every area of management of a hospitality enterprise.

Our courses can prepare you for a job or open the door to a higher degree in a specialized area of the hospitality industry in Sydney.

Our program is available to anyone in the world. We want you to study work live in Sydney and provide assistance in relocation. We provide class room and computer study as well as a free surface computer to help you with on line studies.

If your goal is a hospitality career in Sydney then, let us become your guide and mentor. No organization can get you where you need to be faster or train you as completely as Qualify Me!. Your success is our goal and satisfaction.


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